Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The stretch of a Happy Hour - Verlaine Bar and Lounge

Verlaine Bar and Lounge
110 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 614-2494

Finding "Happy Hour" anywhere in the city is not a hard thing to do. There's sections of NYC such as Turtle Bay, LES, West Village, East Village and much more. Finding a happy hour place with great cocktails which last until 10pm may be a stretch. With a determined war path, we found it! 

Wait.. get this.. its happy hour til 10pm EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK!!

Verlaine Bar and Lounge is a gem in the Lower East Side (don't raise their rent damnit!) where they serve well drinks, lychee martinis, sangria (white or red) and even beers at happy hour prices. For one, I do not know how much the beers are because I am not a fan of beers but I know that $5.00 lychee martinis or sangrias will never go wrong (I like fruity drinks... well I like hard liquor too). Their well drinks are also good too! This was like an alcoholic's dream come true. 

Alright, some of you may think that, "oh, the quality must suck, there must be no liquor in these drinks"... but relax, there's plenty of liquor in it and I bet $10.00+tip (always tip) can get you at the very least, buzzed. 

Not a martini type of guy/gal, okay go to the sangria... delish! Same price, same buzz!

I simply cannot get enough of these drinks but with drinks, comes food. I personally love the calamari! I am not sure what kind of dipping sauce it was but damn the calamari was good. The picture below does not do it justice but I did not take any of these pictures. It's a must order!

Oh! there are sofas on one side, bar seats by the bar (duh) and tables for dates and get together by the wall. It's properly depicted in the picture below and I would recommend for bringing a date there. It gives off a good vibe but it does get loud. 

There are quiet days and there are packed days. Just like most bars/lounges, Monday or Tuesday will land you towards a more quiet scene. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday is always packed... and Sunday is a hit or miss...

Tip your host/hostess and bartenders well. It goes a long way!

Alright, now it's time for my infamous rating:

  • Drinks - 10/10 You should know why already after reading this article. Drinks are not weak at all.
  • Decor - 10/10 1 floor but the decor is very loungey, relaxed type vibe
  • Bouncers - 10/10 Just show your ID, duh! 
  • Service - 10/10 Fast enough but faster if you are a regular 
  • Cards - 10/10 They take all kinds of card and there is no minimum (well  I hope you don't charge $5.00 on your card...)
  • Would I go again? - Yes, I will recommend this to everyone! See ya there!

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